Friday, January 18, 2013

Into the New Year!

Last year went out with a bang. As I looked to see when my last post was I reflected on what had happened since then. Four months flew by like a whirlwind carried along by events that took over our lives. September began with a new year of school, which in itself is exciting and stressful as we learn how to re-cope with schedules, learn which subjects can be worked independently, and which subjects need more attention. I would say the school year began well and despite the very eventful fall season we plowed through rather successfully. I think the full year schedule we implemented for this year has been a great help in that because it does allow for interruptions and unexpected hindrances in our lives without the stress of falling behind. Towards the end of October we mourned the death of my father-in-law which meant an unexpected trip to Virginia, which was both bitter and sweet.
The girls and I also prepared for my husband to travel to Taiwan and Cambodia for five weeks.
While Chris was away we celebrated Thanksgiving with family, visited other family in Lake Placid, and worked heartily at catching up with missed weeks of formal education.
After my husband returned we were on the brink of Christmas and New Years.
For a solid two months I believe we were flying by the seat of our pants trying hard not to stray too far off the path that had been set before us this school year. Now that the new year has finally arrived things have simmered down and we are back to our normal routine, and I am able to get back to some jewelry making as well blogging every now and then.
....and so our adventure continues.

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