Monday, December 2, 2013


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Saturday, November 30, 2013

RiverGlass Creations and Cyber-Monday

On Cyber-Monday we will be re-opening our online store at Etsy.
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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

School and RiverGlass Creations

January is gone and February is flying by. Before you know it spring will be in the air.

In the Lawlor home things have been busy as always. Both girls have been working independently with their studies. After the trials and errors of the past few months with my youngest daughter, I decided to let her work more on her own. I make sure to touch base with her on every subject each morning to see if she wants help before she gives it a go. Today, for example, I went down her subject list to make sure she understood all that she needed to finish and asked if she wanted me to go over anything with her. She replied she would do it by herself and went to work. Once she began her math assignment, she worked at it for about 15 minutes and then came to me and asked if I would explain what she was learning. I reviewed it briefly and had her do a sample problem then she went and finished the rest. Most days she is able to learn it without my explaining. While I am very proud of her progress and ability to start to be more independent there is also a sadness in it that causes me to realize that she has grown up that much more.
Isn't it so like us to push the first as we are anxious to see what the next thing is going to be like, and with the youngest we want to hold them back and keep them young, knowing that we will never have that time again.

Well, with this new found freedom I have, I am able to stay on top of grading their work as well as putting more time into RiverGlass Creations. I have been very busy promoting and making jewelry and have had a few sales already this year. We have been updating our webpage, which I encourage you to check out:

I have added ribbon necklace to our line-up and am excited to continue expanding our product line to include men's necklaces and gifts also. I am mostly in the brainstorming phase at the moment and would love any feedback others may have about men's gifts. Other than key chains and paper weights I am drawing a blank. 
In the future I am hoping to work on bracelets and rings as well.

There is so much more to share but that will have to wait for another post. Until then........

........the adventure continues.

Monday, January 28, 2013


   While homeschooling brings great joy, at times it can also be extremely difficult. Rising every morning to train young minds to grow in knowledge and wisdom is hard enough in itself, but the one doing the teaching often times needs to be willing to learn as well. Learning is hard work! It is not quite as simple as opening a book, reading the texts, following the examples given, and working practice problems with the "student". The teacher must often times re-learn those things as well. This, however, is not exactly the learning that I am referring to when I say learning is hard work.

   Nothing seems to highlight individual flaws as much as another individual. Working with my daughters I see my own short-comings staring me right in the face daily. My patience is tested. I need to remember to keep my anger and frustration in check. Being kind and encouraging does not always come easy. There have been times when weeks go by and I seem to be fighting the same battle, hitting my head against the same wall, over and over..and over again. And while I can be frustrated with a simple task one of my daughters will not learn, I, at the same time, am refusing to learn that I need to find a new way to win the battle and not to keep bumping into walls! Ironic, isn't it?
   There is a joy that comes on the other side of these difficult moments. Not only do I get to grow closer to God who sanctifies me through these small trials and learn that I truly am reliant upon His grace to raise my girls to be strong, wise, and godly women, but I also get to see the fruit of my work as they are sanctified during these trials, hopefully learning that they are also reliant upon God's grace to guide them as they grow in knowledge and wisdom.

Sometimes we fail each other. Sometimes tempers do flair. Sometimes tears do fall. 
 But we have great love for one another and "love covers a multitude of sins." 1 Peter 4:8

Friday, January 18, 2013

Into the New Year!

Last year went out with a bang. As I looked to see when my last post was I reflected on what had happened since then. Four months flew by like a whirlwind carried along by events that took over our lives. September began with a new year of school, which in itself is exciting and stressful as we learn how to re-cope with schedules, learn which subjects can be worked independently, and which subjects need more attention. I would say the school year began well and despite the very eventful fall season we plowed through rather successfully. I think the full year schedule we implemented for this year has been a great help in that because it does allow for interruptions and unexpected hindrances in our lives without the stress of falling behind. Towards the end of October we mourned the death of my father-in-law which meant an unexpected trip to Virginia, which was both bitter and sweet.
The girls and I also prepared for my husband to travel to Taiwan and Cambodia for five weeks.
While Chris was away we celebrated Thanksgiving with family, visited other family in Lake Placid, and worked heartily at catching up with missed weeks of formal education.
After my husband returned we were on the brink of Christmas and New Years.
For a solid two months I believe we were flying by the seat of our pants trying hard not to stray too far off the path that had been set before us this school year. Now that the new year has finally arrived things have simmered down and we are back to our normal routine, and I am able to get back to some jewelry making as well blogging every now and then.
....and so our adventure continues.