Saturday, January 30, 2016

DIY: Paper Rose Heart for Valentine's Day

For you DIYers out there with paper scraps and magazines that you don't know what to do with, this is a great upcycle project for you!

All you will need is magazines or paper you are ready to recycle, cardboard cut to the shape you want to cover (mine is in the shape of a heart), a pencil, scissors, hot glue gun, and a toothpick or skinny knitting needle. 

You could use a foam floral wreath but I chose to further my re-purposing skills in this project by using cardboard that was headed to the recycling center.  

The first step in the process is to draw a spiral onto your paper.
If you want all of your flowers to be the same size, you will want to create a template.

To find a downloadable template, you can visit paper flower spiral 
and choose a style that you prefer.

I wanted mine to have a bit more texture with different sizes so I did all of mine freestyle. 

Once you've drawn/copied and cut your spiral you want to begin rolling it.
This is where the toothpick, knitting needle, or anything else similar to that will come in handy.

When you look at your spiral you will notice and inner and outer curve. The inside curve is what you will want to follow as you roll your paper.

Starting on the outside of the coil you will begin to wrap it around your needle. After a few rolls I like to glue mine to help secure it.
You will continue to roll the paper being careful to follow the inner curve until you come to the end. 
You will see that outer edge will begin to flare out a little for the top of your rose. 

Notice in the pictures that after I got my paper started on the needle I took it off. You can continue either way. 
Do what works best for you

In the next step, I do one of two things, depending upon the type of rose I am looking to create. If I want a tight rolled rose, I simply glue the loose end to the roll.
However, if I want a fuller, looser looking rose, I let my roll uncoil a bit from the outside and then glue the paper end to the roll. 

After the paper rose is finished,
you will want to start gluing it to your cardboard or foam form.

Repeat the above process until your heart is full and complete.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hello Valentine's Day!

It is January 28th and I have been thinking about Valentine's Day since before Martin Luther King Day! Now if any of you know me, I am not a "holiday' person. This means that often times I forget about a holiday until it is here and often times do not even remember it at all! Of course it is easy to remember Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Eve, but the other special observance days sneak up on or sneak right past me. Much of this comes from homeschooling, I think. At least the way I homeschool. We don't take holidays off like the public schools do and we vacation as we want or take days off when we need to. We don't really decorate. Christmas yes, but not so much the other holidays. I tried, and I even had boxes of decorations for Valentine's Day, Easter, and Thanksgiving. Now that I think of it, I may have even had some things for Saint Patrick's Day. The only one left is my Thanksgiving box. Who knows where the rest of them went. 

There is something special about walking into a house decorated for a holiday. Last week Chris and I had a client for Lawlor Painting who was all ready for Valentine's Day. Beautiful heart-shaped wreaths seemed effortlessly and perfectly placed around her house, and I thoroughly enjoyed them. But how do I find the time to take down the boxes, rifle through the boxes, put up the decorations, take down the decorations, pack the decorations, and put that box away? Yes, I am being a bit over dramatic, and I admire my friends and family who decorate so diligently every year. I am even jealous. Maybe someday I will become ambitious enough to join the rest of you!

As for this year, it is not yet February and I am up to my knees in paper flowers for my RGC Newsletter. I have been researching about Saint Valentine for a newsletter article. I have been preparing for Valentine's Day at my RiverGlass Creations shop, and I have been scrolling through endless recipes for Valentine's dinner and dessert ideas for my blogs. Valentine's Day has crept into my head even if it hasn't shown up on my doors, windows, and walls. Maybe we will step it up a bit this year and have something up before the day actually comes.

Friday, January 8, 2016