Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Why RiverGlass Creations?

An integral part of what I do in addition to being a wife and a mom can be seen in RiverGlass Creations. This a format where I can allow my creativity to flow and escape as I leave the everyday things in life and slip into a place where my thoughts are less cumbersome. My focus is on the creation of something beautiful. But that is not the only reason I make jewelry. There is a benefit outside of myself. This is why I ask...

Why RiverGlass Creations?

Nothing speaks more volumes than pictures and these pictures tell you why.

This is what you will see along the banks of the Hudson River.

 From afar it is deceiving but when you are walking along this part of the shoreline you cannot take a step without touching glass. 

RiverGlass Creations has barely put a dent in the amount of glass that we see but we strive to clean this part of the Hudson River and much more.  

I am a firm believer in taking care of what God has given us. The earth has beauty and majesty beyond anything that we can ever create. We have a duty, I believe, to preserve that beauty and majesty, and RiverGlass Creations flows from that ideal. Every little bit that we do is a step forward. Though it may seem like we will never achieve a world with no pollution our endeavours should be to that end.

Please partner with us in our efforts.
Visit our store and see what RiverGlass Creations is doing with the glass we collect from the very spot along the Hudson River that you see above.
We can't succeed without your help.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Changing Seasons

Just as there are seasons in nature there are seasons in life. My favorite season is fall. Though the days of summer may be too short, the warmth of an Indian summer, crisp air, colorful changing of leaves, aroma of baked apples and fruitfulness of harvest time bring a sense of coziness that summer does not. It is a busy time of year as we are knee deep in school work and preparing for colder weather, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas, but I have come to realize every season is a busy one and despite any efforts to slow down and enjoy our time, days slip by almost unnoticed.

In life, seasons tend to change just as quickly as summer disappears into fall, and fall, much more quickly, into winter! Some seasons you wish could last forever and others can't end soon enough. A season comes along where everything falls into place, and then suddenly you don't know up from down and can't find your way back to normal or figure out what is going on or why it's going wrong. Taking things in stride seems like the best thing to do, like rolling with the waves in a storm, but it is also the hardest thing to do because we like control. We like to be the master of the ship, we like to command our way through the storm. 

I find my best hope of sanity comes when I place all hope and trust in God who has promised to be my help in time of trouble, to be my shelter in the midst of the storm, who knows my every need and knows how strong and how weak I am. Although the season I am sailing through may be filled with discomfort, and I may feel unsettled, trying to push ahead onto that next part of the journey, I wait confidently and prayerfully for His perfect timing.

Well...the apples and pumpkins have been picked for the season, the garden is being put to bed, the pool is closed. Soon the leaves will be down and we will be raking, the crockpot will be working overtime, the blankets will be scattered across the living room, and winter will be knocking at the front door. 

 Where will our journey be taking us then?

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Back in the Saddle.....

As I sat thinking about how to begin this entry the song with the lyrics "back in the saddle again" began reeling in my mind, though I don't think I have ever heard the entire song but only a clip from a movie scene that I don't recollect at this time. Funny how the mind works and remembers and at the same time doesn't. Never the less this week we hopped back in the saddle again, beginning a new school year, leaping forward from the last with little reprieve.

The girls completed last years assignments the last week of August, as they spread out their vacation days throughout the year. We spent Labor Day weekend here with my parents who came for their own mini-vaca. It was a time of great fellowship with one another, shopping, eating, and resting. But all things must end at some time. Monday came and my parents went. Tuesday arrived without a skip in the beat and Chris was painting a porch, I stayed home handing out new text books and assignments, and the girls were back to school again. 

Ariana, my 16 year old, is finishing her high school requirements this year, with a minimal work load. She is glad to be done with science and math while enjoying a second semester of a cooking course, rhetoric, government and economics, and modern history and literature. We are encouraging her to take some college courses as time comes available, either during the second semester or summer session. They do grow so quickly as my grandfather always said and the idea of her graduating is still quite surreal. We take one day at a time as we work to figure out her next steps, understanding that she does not plan on investing much time college bound. She is considering college courses to advance her knowledge in writing but her utmost desire is to be a wife and mother. We can only wait and see and trust in God and his guidance.

Taylor, my spunky 12 year old, is now in 7th or maybe its 8th grade. One of the dilemmas of homeschooling is never really knowing what grade your child is in because they are a year ahead in some things, or not. Taylor likes to remind me that she takes 8th grade courses. So be it. Last year she began Omnibus, an intense history, literature, and theology course, which she did quite well in. We continue to work on maturity in writing and look forward to seeing her progress in her second year of Omnibus. She is also taking pre-Algebra, logic, and a general science course which she is excited about. She loves the experiments and is nature bound.

Our week went off without a hitch. While public school kids were waiting for Thursday to start their first day, Ariana and Taylor were in full swing. There were no highs or lows, no melt downs either. Just simply doing what is a normal day in our home.

....the adventure goes on.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy

We have been busy this past year, and it has been a long time since I last posted on this blog. Lawlor Family Painting went into business the spring of 2013 and the past year has been a whirlwind. RiverGlass Creations has been more of a hobby business and homeschooling has become a juggle between independent learning and "homework" help. Thankfully Ariana and Taylor are very independent learners and were able to transition rather smoothly to my dividing myself between home and painting. I am a proud mother and appreciate the helpful spirit and maturity both my daughters have displayed this past year. 

The summer is coming to an end and I have had time to breathe, re-collect and set up for the fall. The new school year begins in two weeks and the girls are excited and ready to start their studies; to put away the old and start the new. I have organized their schedule so that I am able to come alongside Taylor as she begins secondary level studies. Ariana is finishing up her high school curriculum and preparing to start taking some college level classes until she graduates.

 I have begun producing and posting new jewelry for our online store at RiverGlass Creations, and have also been updating our website and social media sites. I am excited about our new Princess Collection which has had a lot of comments and praise from family and friends. I hope you take the time to look at our new jewelry pieces and provide some feedback also. 

Lawlor Family Painting is booking for the fall. Chris and I have worked out a schedule (we hope) that allows me to better function as wife, mother, business owner, and business partner, while he completes his theological studies, prepares for his Sunday School series, and provides as a husband and father. That's a full plate! Ariana and Taylor have both taken on small responsibilities as well to make Lawlor Family Painting a true family business. 

Join us in our adventure!

Monday, December 2, 2013


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Saturday, November 30, 2013

RiverGlass Creations and Cyber-Monday

On Cyber-Monday we will be re-opening our online store at Etsy.
Be sure to shop our holiday specials beginning Monday! 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

School and RiverGlass Creations

January is gone and February is flying by. Before you know it spring will be in the air.

In the Lawlor home things have been busy as always. Both girls have been working independently with their studies. After the trials and errors of the past few months with my youngest daughter, I decided to let her work more on her own. I make sure to touch base with her on every subject each morning to see if she wants help before she gives it a go. Today, for example, I went down her subject list to make sure she understood all that she needed to finish and asked if she wanted me to go over anything with her. She replied she would do it by herself and went to work. Once she began her math assignment, she worked at it for about 15 minutes and then came to me and asked if I would explain what she was learning. I reviewed it briefly and had her do a sample problem then she went and finished the rest. Most days she is able to learn it without my explaining. While I am very proud of her progress and ability to start to be more independent there is also a sadness in it that causes me to realize that she has grown up that much more.
Isn't it so like us to push the first as we are anxious to see what the next thing is going to be like, and with the youngest we want to hold them back and keep them young, knowing that we will never have that time again.

Well, with this new found freedom I have, I am able to stay on top of grading their work as well as putting more time into RiverGlass Creations. I have been very busy promoting and making jewelry and have had a few sales already this year. We have been updating our webpage, which I encourage you to check out:

I have added ribbon necklace to our line-up and am excited to continue expanding our product line to include men's necklaces and gifts also. I am mostly in the brainstorming phase at the moment and would love any feedback others may have about men's gifts. Other than key chains and paper weights I am drawing a blank. 
In the future I am hoping to work on bracelets and rings as well.

There is so much more to share but that will have to wait for another post. Until then........

........the adventure continues.